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4RAR Gaming Community is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization.

February 2018


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    4thRAR NW Regiment

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    4thRAR NW Regiment

    Post by Jackson on Fri Apr 29, 2016 3:40 pm

    We are the NW Regiment for the 4RAR Gaming Clan as Line Infantry playing as the United Kingdom. The 4RAR Gaming Clan is an Australian Based Gaming Clan that offers membership globally with a solid foundation for years to come with a strong ranking structure and leadership positions giving members room to grow through the clan enhancing your gaming experience in game and in the 4RAR Gaming Community including in the 4RAR Gaming Comp scene. 

    >>> VISIT OUR http://4rargaming.clanwebsite.com/ <<<

    We currently have 550+ members in the 4RAR Gaming Clan & Social Community and we want you to be apart of our clan, community and most importantly the 4thRAR. So what is this gaming clan and why are we talking about it? The NW regiment is apart of the gaming clan meaning if you joined the regiment you'd also be joining the gaming clan itself as a member.

    We are a CNOP Approved Clan and recognized as a gaming organisation that has been up and running since January 24th with 2 active divisions.

    In-game Information

    Red = Specialist Course

    Blue = Coming Soon


    United Kingdom


    Infantry: Line Infantry, Foot Guard, Light Infantry, Rifleman

    Cavalry: Hussar, Light Horse, Heavy Cavalry

    Specialist: Artillery, Engineer, Musicians, Ensign


    4thRAR_Rank_*Desired Name*



    Email: rar4gaming@outlook.com

    >>> VISIT OUR http://4rargaming.clanwebsite.com/ <<<

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